Aquatics Scoreboard Software

An LED video scoreboard system for aquatics facilities is a comprehensive solution that enhances the spectator experience during aquatic events such as swimming, diving, water polo, and synchronized swimming. It provides real-time display of scores, times, event information, and other relevant data on a large, high-definition LED screen.

Components of the System:

  1. LED Scoreboard: The centerpiece of the system is the LED scoreboard, which consists of a large video display panel made up of multiple LED modules. The size of the scoreboard may vary based on the facility’s requirements and budget. The LED technology ensures excellent visibility, even in bright sunlight or under pool lighting conditions.
  2. Control Console: The control console is the command center for operating and managing the scoreboard system. It includes a computer or dedicated control unit with specialized software that allows operators to input and update event data, display scores, control video playback, and manage various scoreboard functions.
  3. Timing System Integration: The LED video scoreboard system integrates with the facility’s timing system, which captures and processes data such as race times, lap counts, and event results. The timing system can be linked to the scoreboard software, enabling automatic updating of scores and times in real-time.
  4. Data Input Interfaces: The system offers multiple data input interfaces for seamless integration with various data sources. These interfaces can include wired or wireless connections to timing systems, event management software, and external data feeds. For example, the system can receive data from touchpads at the end of swimming lanes or judges’ scoring systems for diving events.
  5. Score Display: The scoreboard prominently displays scores and times during events. It can show individual and team scores, lap times, event progress, event records, and rankings. The information is typically presented in large, easy-to-read digits and can include color coding or graphical elements to enhance visibility and comprehension.
  6. Video Display and Playback: In addition to displaying scores and times, the LED video scoreboard can show live video feeds from underwater cameras, above-water cameras, or other sources. This allows spectators to have a clear view of the action, especially in swimming and diving events. The system can also support video playback, showing highlights, instant replays, or pre-recorded content during breaks.
  7. Event Information and Advertising: The scoreboard system provides a platform for displaying event-related information and advertisements. This includes event schedules, competitor names, sponsor logos, and promotional messages. The content can be easily customized and updated to suit specific events or sponsors.
  8. Audio Integration: Some scoreboard systems may have integrated speakers or audio interfaces to provide announcements, event commentary, or music during competitions. This enhances the overall atmosphere and engagement for spectators.


  • Enhanced Spectator Experience: The LED video scoreboard system provides real-time updates, detailed information, and engaging visuals, making it easier for spectators to follow the events and understand the progress and results.
  • Improved Event Management: The system streamlines the display of scores and event information, reducing the reliance on manual processes and minimizing the potential for errors.
  • Sponsorship and Revenue Opportunities: The scoreboard system can be used as an advertising platform, allowing sponsors to display their logos and messages. This creates opportunities for generating additional revenue for the aquatics facility.
  • Record Keeping and Analysis: By integrating with the timing system, the scoreboard system can capture and store event data, allowing for analysis, record keeping, and performance tracking over time.

Overall, an LED video scoreboard system for aquatics facilities enhances the spectator experience, improves event management, and provides opportunities for sponsorship and revenue generation. It combines cutting-edge display technology with seamless integration of event data, creating a dynamic and informative environment for aquatics competitions.