Raising Cane’s River Center Arena

This project is a 3.91mm has 2 ribbon boards and 4 main screens.

The top ribbon is 4096×128

The main screens are 768×512

The bottom ribbon is 3072×128

First we designed the mapping to enable running all of these boards on a single 1080p video source. With this optimized mapping, this whole project only requires 3 ethernet cables. One cable for the top ribbon, one cable for all 4 center screens, and 1 cable for the bottom. This could be further enhanced by upgrading to a bigger video processor with 4K input to allow different content on all 4 screens. Currently all screens are playing the same content as outlined in the project requirements.

To make everything work we built a tool to stripe the content to a maximum width of 1536 per row:

Then we used our Rocket Effects tool to trigger the content: